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Needle Nose E-Liquid Bottle Caps With Collars (x3)

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These needle caps are deigned to fit all of our standard E-Liquid bottles.PLEASE NOTE: These are NOT compatible with the 100ml custom bottles or other 100ml bottles.

Very useful if you need precision dripping in to your hardware or device.

Additionally these caps come with a rubber collar that fits below the cap (ont the bottle neck) allowing you to place a little rubber cap over the needle itself (see picture).

These caps come in a sterile heat sealed bag.

FITTING: Please ensure you remove both the cap and nipple before screwing on the needle nose cap. The nipple can simply be removed with a finger nail or knife (it pulls off).

Click here for detailed fitting instructions on a PDF

Please Note: fitting a needle nose cap to your E-Liquid bottle renders it non child proof. Always replace your child proof cap if children, hard of sight individuals or pets are around.

These needles are blunt.

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Facts About Our E-Liquid

All our E-Liquid products are made from only pharmaceutical grade solution, completely pure, without any added chemicals.

Our E-liquid is mixed with a perfect blend of PG and VG solution in order to produce the best flavour, throat hit and vapour production. Our blends produce the very best E-Liquid experience and ensures your maximum safety, atomiser longevity and your satisfaction.

Our E-liquid is mixed and bottled in the UK, in sterile conditions which conform to EU food regulations and standards. For more information please read our Frequently Asked Questions section.

All industry standard warning labels are included indicating the nature of the product, child proof caps with raised tactile warning triangles or raised tactile warning stickers both for the visually impaired (the particular warning method depends on our specific products). Typically our standard E-Liquid bottles come with the warning traingle on the cap.

Typical Ingredients Of Our E-Liquid

Each of our E-Liquids has its own secret recipe. However all our E-Liquids contain the following: PG (propylene glycol), generally a higher percentage of VG (vegetable glycerine) if a sweet E-Liquid, Nicotine (varying strengths), distilled water and high grade, concentrated flavourings (unless a Custom Mix is requested). Our standard Tobacco range take a higer PG percentage to simulate a more true tobacco experience. Every bottle of E-Liquid will have its ingredients printed on the label along with a use-by date.

E-Liquid Cracking Certain Brands of Tanks / Clearomisers

It is common knowledge that some E-Liquids may crack or damage your specific tank or device. This typically happens more with fruit based flavours and clearomisers. Puffin E-Liquid UK accepts no responsibility for damage to your E-Cigarette device. We advise caution and self awareness when using such liquids. Our liquids are of the highest quality however, with the great range and variety of hardware available we cannot guarantee that any of our products will not crack or damage your equipment. Be responsible with your equipment. Feel free to contact us with details on the E-Liquid and device used if you experience an issue, this will allow us to add precautionary advice in advance.

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Needs a little more detail on item but its worth it

"This item makes life so much easier - but I spent 10 mins trying to work it out. The instructions given were: "Please ensure you remove both the cap and nipple before screwing on the needle nose cap. The nipple can simply be removed with a finger nail or knife." This made me think I had to cut the nipple off and it then wouldn't fit. I tried squeezing and pushing and got nowhere. I was about to give up with I just saw a small divide at the top section of the bottle - I was able to stick the end of my scissors in the end and pop out the top section of the bottle, allowing me to then screw the cap on. Now it works great - I'm gonna order some more..."

DARREN CLARINGBOLD :: 16 Mar 2013, 13:05

Needle nosed caps

"Perfect for precision filling my Kanger T3 with no mess whatsoever. They fit Puffins bottles perfectly. Thank you!"

Sarah, Cumbria :: 13 Mar 2013, 02:19

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